Iron Will drabble (2015-07-24) [1]

“You’ll have to kill me, too.”

The Fire Lord does not flinch, because leaders of nations should not flinch at the truth. But Zuko does, because he is still human and one of his friends has just laid out their own death sentence.

“I’m as much a war criminal as they. You can’t be seen favoring one side over the other.”

The will of the Fire Lord–

“The Fire Lord rules at the will of the people. If you execute Azula and Ozai then you have to execute Earth Kingdom people as well.”

The prisons are strong, they have held for nearly a decade, they can continue to do so.

“Not forever.”

Nothing is forever.


A/N: Tiny drabble set in Avatar The Last Airbender. I dunno, maybe it’s Jet? Maybe it’s an SIOC? I dunno.

edit: I forgot about this drabble! I suppose technically, this is an Iron Will drabble with a slightly different perspective. This is the drabble that kicked off this particular Iron Will drabble

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