Untitled drabble (2015-07-15)

“You really want to try playing office politics against her? There’s no point. Either you’re insignificant or she’ll obliterate you. That’s it. There’s no standing your ground if you’re on different levels.”


"Try again,” Tally says, heels kicking into the wall she sits atop. Her small wings flutter behind her in syncopation.

Edwin, Winnie as he has the misfortune to be called by his two friends, huffs in frustration but does as she says, calling for that small glow within him.

Becka, as coolly apathetic as usual, just watches as he flubs the spell once more.

“You’re never going to get assigned if you can’t get this,” Tally chides, worriedly. She’s due to start her commission in a month–guardian over a human who has the unfortunate tendency to steal from the wrong person. Becka, likewise, is already slated for duty in the matchmaker division.

If Winnie doesn’t finish the certification requirements soon, he’ll either have to repeat the final year or get one of the boring Etherlands jobs.

“I know,” Winnie grits out, wings and shoulders both hunched up near his ears.

“Again,” this time Becka demanding, flapping her wings once twice thrice to ease her descent from beside Tally on the wall, “you’re holding on for too long here,” she points at his sternum where the core of his energy rests, then trails her fingers up his throat, along his face, to rest on his forehead, “and over thinking it.”

Catching on to what she’s suggesting, Tally adds, “Prepare the energy and just let the spell do it’s work.”


They don’t have long for this world. A week at most, depending on how much mischief they can scrounge up and how much power they use up to do so. They don’t have much to begin with, even less when it needs to be split between the three of them.

A week.

Unless they can find someone to enter a contract.

That’s pretty difficult–most wizards and witches, as rare as they are, don’t bother with the low level demons. Much less three.

But they do honestly work better as a trio. Not that they’re in the business of honesty.

Jenny laughs at the thought. A Lie demon, so desperate as to consider the truth.

Oh, but she’s the best out of the three of them to find a contract holder. Merely a division of labor.

While Travis sows some chaos, Nick will be the one to keep the angels of their trails.

One week.

A lot can happen in one week.

Say, finding a pair of potential contract holders, thwarting a much stronger demon’s plans, and falling in love with an angel.

Game start.


A/N: Random snippets, not necessarily of the same story but definitely in the same "world” of one of my original fics. Uh, in this, angels vs demons is less good vs evil so much as it is order vs chaos.

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