Cross-Post: Hoodlums (2)

original here. dated 2013-11-07.

[A/N: Part two of this previous post/idea. Again, it wasn’t a fully formed/planned thing so it kind of… wha?]


We take hits, sometimes. Well, like I said earlier, we don’t kill–we find them, clean them out, wrap them up nice and tidy for the police, same as usual–so they’d better be called jobs. But specifically, they’re kind of hit-like. Sometimes the patrols fail–they’re really just a matter of timing, of coincidence, being in the right place at the right time–so we don’t always catch all the bastards and creeps that violate our territory before they act. But we can always get revenge; we may not be able to make it right, but we can do that at least.

Sometimes we get names and some basic information–a lot of crimes are committed by people the victims know–but other times, we only get what they did, their crime and their victim. It’s in these situations where things get a little difficult. The police like what we do, it makes their jobs so easy, but they don’t like us. We’re a gang and we’re not ashamed of it; usually our justice is illegal and sometimes their laws are unjust–it’s not surprising we clash with them. Which is why, whenever a crime is committed in our turf, it’s a race against the police to find the perpetrator and dole out punishment.

We don’t always win: for all that the police move so slowly and have to jump through all sorts of hoops, they do have better resources than we do. And sometimes, well, patrols aren’t the only things that have their faults. Some crimes never go avenged, by either Hoodlums or police.

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