Untitled drabble (2015-06-25)

There was a certain set of philosophies which had reigned over their household, a strange yet beautiful amalgamation that comes from having the parents she has. A mother who favored Fighting type Pokemon, yet used them to heal; a father who had a team of Psychic Pokemon to catch the human monsters.

Though having disparate bodies, humans and Pokemon could learn from and help each other. Sentience was what made personhood, not sapience. As a child, Adelaide had simplified these lessons to her favorite hobby: just because we dance differently, doesn’t mean we can’t dance together.

She trains her Pokemon the same way she was raised.


She goes out on her journey late; by Unova standards, she’s not too old, but by Kanto standards, she’s practically ancient. City kids tend to be older than country kids when they start their journeys, anyway, and she’s lived in Cadmium City her whole life.

It’s a rite of passage, but the world is a dangerous place–and as city dwellers know, it’s not because of Pokemon. Rather than risk her life with a new Pokemon, her parents send along two of their own with her–her father’s Jynx, who might as well be her third parent from, and her mother’s Hitmonchan, who grew alongside Adelaide from his excitable Tyrogue stage.

In truth, she doesn’t understand why she has to go, but she can’t come up with a reason why she shouldn’t, either.


It is both a surprise and somehow not that she ends up with the title Brawler. Because, to be honest, everyone thought she’d end up as Dancer Adelaide. And she thought so too.

But Dancers… it’s strange. She loves dancing. But to her, dancing is a conversation between her and her Pokemon. For Dancers, theirs is a performance–with their Pokemon, yes, but for their audience. Her dancing is personal. Not to say that Dancers’ aren’t, but she’s a very private person.

And also, much less of a pacifist than she thought.


A/N: More of my Pokemon OC Adelaide Jensen. Meh… not too good, but it was the only thing that popped up in my head.

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