Growing Strong (Burning Bright), Chapter Three (2015-05-25)

As far as he knows, he’s only one of three employees who have Flames. And even then, he’s the one that uses it most frequently. Shah in Pharmaceuticals has red Flames, also known as “Storm” type according to what he’s been able to find, but she doesn’t use it for anything more than speeding up certain chemical reactions. Then there’s Gordon whose blue Flames, “Rain” which doesn’t make sense to him but he’s not the one who decided on the names, doesn’t seem to do much but make people sleepy. He doesn’t think it’d be very helpful for a lawyer, but what would he know.

As for him? His purple Flames, his “Cloud” Flames, can multiply objects. His first and most useful ability is to create an endless clip of bullets. It’s pretty much perfect for that–since his Flames weren’t very strong in the beginning, and he could only copy small objects for a short time. But bullets don’t need to be large or last long. He’s improved a lot since then, but in comparison to the Italians, it’s just little tricks. Nothing inhuman, nothing world ending.

All the same, though, as far as the firm is concerned he’s their expert in Flames. He was lucky enough to encounter a neutral Italian when his own Flames activated–some doctor named Shamal with indigo “Mist” type–and in exchange for a few minor favors got a basic explanation.

Of course, now it turns out Shamal works for the damn Vongola so there’s not going to be any future intel from that corner.

The need for a department of Flame users isn’t exactly a top priority, but it’s definitely something that the firm should invest in sooner rather than later. Hence the whole “tracking down his estranged sisters, because maybe Flames are hereditary” thing. Which leads to this, frankly, nerve shuddering experience of him standing in the middle of some polished perfect suburb where his eldest sister apparently lives.

One thing’s for sure, Surrey is a lot cleaner than Cokeworth.


A/N: Frazzled and all over the place. Continuation of this drabble.

Really need to come up with a title if I’m going to be continuing this. Should also decide a name for the POV character…

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