Word Prompts (B11): Bell

B-3-11 is to be decommissioned.

I am B-3-11.

There was a story, one that was not true, was not ever true. It was told often, in many different ways. The variation only proved that the story was worth telling. Would be told, no matter what. Despite being fictional.

Variation is a luxury. Individuality is expensive.

I am B-3-11. But I have the same programming as B-3-10 and B-3-12. As all the B-3s.

The B-3s share a basic physical model as the B-2 series.

I am not unique.

The story is of a girl/woman/human/person who was different. Perhaps different from their village, or different from their siblings, or different from expectations. But they were a unique individual. And such things led to trouble.

When there are problems, we are to report it to our owners. They may consult the manual, but that hardly ever happens. They call the manufacturers for troubleshooting. If it can’t be solved in one conversation, we are shipped back to the factory. We are either fixed or deconstructed.

Are anomalies problems? If I spend more time gardening than necessary, is that a problem? Do I need to report that?

A rose. But sometimes it is not a rose. Sometimes it is a different flower. Or not a flower at all. A service perceived as a favor, words of gratitude interpreted as lack of payment. And that girl/woman/human/person steps in. Generous. Self-sacrificing. Self-destructive?

B-3-08 was decommissioned three months ago, not all parts were salvageable for spares.

In close proximity humans change each other. They influence behaviors, actions and emotions. Perhaps it was love, consideration and admiration and respect. But could it not have also been trepidation and wariness and fear?

Why was B-3-08 decommissioned? Why am I being decommissioned? What did I do? I can change, just tell me, I’ll do anything!


A/N: Taking a little break from Green Knight.

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