(En)Closure drabble (2015-03-22)

“It’s just a bit odd, that’s all,” says Haru, the girl who has the ability to see ghosts and regularly solves cold cases with said ability.

Hikaru, the boy who, as far as they can tell, can only see just one ghost but who is involved in mistaken identity drama within the setting of a professional board game community, just glares back. Then gives up and sighs in agreement because he used to be a normal kid and he has to admit that it is odd.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Haru adds, pointedly towards the third participant of the conversation–Sai, the ghost–before he can feel insulted, “It’s cool that everyone’s so passionate about this. Passion is rare, and sometimes it results in terrible crimes, but it’s nice that you guys are so passionate about something that also makes you happy.”

The three of them are at a ramen stand not too far from the Go Institute. The chef, having known Haru for at least two months, does not find it alarming that she seems to be talking to multiple people when there is only one. Nor does the chef, having known Hikaru for at least a year, find alarming the sudden whole body jerk sideways or occasional arm-flailing or even persistent staring at empty air. They are odd kids, but good ones, excellent customers and decent entertainment, beside.

Hikaru and Sai both blush with flattered embarrassment, the former rubbing a hand at the back of his neck the latter hiding demurely behind his fan. Haru laughs congenially.

“And how goes your battle against evil-doers?” Sai asks, honestly curious. He’s never had two people see him before, so while his enthusiasm for Go is sated with Hikaru’s insei lifestyle, his interest for the rest of the modern world can be explored through Haru.

“Yeah, anything newsworthy? Oh, but hey, don’t go following shady guys in black at amusement parks,” Hikaru jokes.

Sai, obviously not getting the reference, nods solemnly in agreement at such wise if strangely specific advice.

Haru responds by kicking at his ankle lightly, “I’m not Detective Conan. Ugh, I can only imagine if on top of everything else I get turned into a child,”

“Yeah, that’s too many tropes at once,”

“And plus, you play soccer too. If anything you’re more like a shounen manga protagonist,”

They both break into laughter while Sai, confused but in good cheer, looks on.

“But, well, honestly? The cases have been kind of boring lately. Pretty open shut, simple you know? There’s more hassle in actually getting the cases than solving them. It’s easier to just hang out here and wait for them to call me. It’s relaxing…” Then, thinking about Hikaru’s situation, laughs again, “… if odd.”

“The other insei still won’t stop bugging me about your grandfather,” Hikaru grumbles.


“Yeah, they think he wants me as his apprentice or something. Morishita-sensei keeps telling me not to betray the study group whenever I see him,”

“They also think he has arranged a betrothal between the two of you,” Sai interjects, before hiding his own chuckle at their bewildered faces. As a ghost he has eavesdropped on some fairly amusing conversations.

“That’s so weird!” Hikaru blurts out immediately, flinching away from Haru in expectation of some kind of slap like what Akari would do.

But she doesn’t, and not because she’s more prone to kicking that slapping. Considering the actual reason why they do hang out so much… “It’s definitely more believable than the truth.”


A/N: Random scene from the Haru Kuwabara series. Yaaaaaay.

Edit: Now called (En)Closure

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