Harry Potter x Narnia crossover/fusion brainstorm (2015-03-14)

As previously mentioned here in my “A Year With The Moon brainstorm,” I had two more ideas which I wanted to develop but was having difficulty with and I’m hoping that by typing it out I’ll be able to get something flowing.

The first one, which I described as “Just Harry: An HPxNarnia crossover/fusion featuring Harry the Just, Hermione the Magnificent, Ronald the Valiant, and Neville the Gentle,” is unsurprisingly inspired by Harry’s quoted desire to be “just Harry” [instead of the Boy-Who-Lived] and the dialogue from the Prince Caspian movie in which Edmund obliquely refers to himself as the Just King. Then obviously there’s the the fact that Gryffindor is a lion on a red rampart.

I’m not sure if I want to just have the four year-mates or also include Ginny and Luna from the Ministry Six. In which case, I would have to create two new title traits… but then it would be weird that those two have original title traits and not the others. And the whole point was that Harry was the Just. So… Maybe it’s something that happens during First Year?

So, perhaps… instead of straight up petrifying Neville, they actually convince him to help. And with a fourth person running the Philosopher’s Stone gauntlet the results are far different. Maybe there’s a bit of fusion with Chamber of Secrets in that when standing up against Voldemort, Fawkes brings the Sorting Hat (and the Gryffindor Sword) plus shattered Mirror of Erised… equals travel to Narnia?

Or maybe more simple. When all four of them look into the the mirror at the same time, they see Narnia and it becomes a portal.

But after that… I don’t know what a plot would be? Four undertrained magicians in Narnia fill the four thrones of Cair Paravel (or they come after the Pevensie siblings and prevent the first Caspian from taking over Narnia?) And then at some point they return to Hogwarts as children, after having actually fought wars and ruled a nation… and Voldemort is utterly screwed.


A/N: I swear to god, one day I will get to the final idea of HPxKHR. But that day is not today, apparently.

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