(En)Closure drabble (2015-03-01) [1]

If her life was a book, she would tell you to skip the beginning. It was repetitive and bland and didn’t have much of a plot. Her ending wouldn’t be such a good read either–though there were moments of suspense and terror, it featured mostly frustration, helplessness, and bitter resignation. And she’s pretty sure towards the end she wasn’t even a main character.

Then again, she could argue that most her life she wasn’t the main character. Even in the middle which would be her favorite. That part she’d reread if she could–relive if she could–filled as it was with excitement and laughter. There were times when it felt quotidian, tedious even, but it was tempered with contentment. There was frustration then, too, and drama, but the kind that could be resolved with hard work and communication. It was the middle of her life when she was satisfied. Such a shame that it ended so poorly.


A/N: … sigh, I really do want to play in this universe but it’s hard to articulate the stuff percolating in my brain. Related to this ramble of Kuwabara-Honinbou’s medium/onmyouji/exorcist granddaughter. I kind of wanted to imply that she died because of Kira from Death Note (which I headcanon is in the same universe but just a few years after the events of Hikaru no Go) because she could see the ghosts of all these criminals and basically, she knew too much without having the genius to back it up. Still don’t know what I want to name her, though. Leaning towards Haru so there’s the default assumption of Spring (春) when in fact it’s Ash Night (灰夜) which is rather morbid. Basically, she’s tagged for death from beginning to end.

And of course my author’s notes are practically longer than the actual drabble. Of course. But I suppose it’s good foundation for if/when I do come back to this universe.

(edit: I now realize that Haru really would be a good name, because if she just verbally introduces herself to Light then he’d write down her name with the wrong kanji and it wouldn’t work. Of course, she’s screwed as soon as Misa enters the scene with her Shinigami Eyes, but by that point there’ll be some other plot reason to keep her alive)

Edit2: Now called (En)Closure

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