(En)Closure (2015-02-27)

That’s the kid.

The one with the bleached hair? Ah, I see what you mean… Yeah, you were right. This is my kind of job.

Of course I’m right. Who do you think you got your skills from?

Well, you may be my grandfather but I’m a lot better at this than you are. Otherwise you wouldn’t be asking for my help, you decrepit old monkey.

Such disrespect! Ha! Just how I taught you.

Of course. But seriously–I’m not charging you for this, however if I do take this job you have to follow all the rules I give my clients, grandfather or not.

Rules? Can’t be too difficult.

It really isn’t, or shouldn’t be, but you’d be surprised at how poorly my clientele follow directions. I hope you won’t be added to that.

Lay it on me.

First, you have to listen to what I say. If I tell you to hold your breath, you do not breathe. If I tell you to destroy something, you break it and set the pieces on fire. If I tell you to–

Yeah, I get it.

Second, you need to stick to your goals. Once you set those goals you can’t turn back, I will be working to meet them so no regrets and no changing them mid-job.

Ah, that I may need help with.

I can help you create a list of what the possible results and situations may be, but you have to be the one to get your priorities in order.


And third, the living get to live. The dead are here at my leisure. If there’s any sign that that kid is being possessed against his will or if it’s hurting him, then I’m performing an exorcism regardless of if that ghost is some kind of once in a lifetime genius. He already had his lifetime, he doesn’t get to steal another from someone else. Got it?

Yeah. I’d exorcise him myself if it were like that.

Please, you don’t have the juice to exorcise a goldfish much less a centuries old ghost. You weren’t even sure if there was a ghost involved. Eyesight going already? How will you play your board game?

Little brat, a real player doesn’t need to see the board to win.

Hm… Speaking of, set up a game with the kid. I need to get a closer read on both of them; don’t want to approach them cold. Can you do that?

Are you joking? I’m Kuwabara-Honinbou, if an insei won’t agree to play a game with me I might as well hand over my title to that upstart Ogata.


A/N: Uh… yeah. I guess I’m on a bit of an OC fanfic spree. So this is for currently unnamed granddaughter of Kuwabara-Honinbou who works as a medium. Which means she can actually see Sai–it’s highly implied that Kuwabara stopped and stared at Hikaru because he was able to sense Sai but the fact that he didn’t bring it up means that maybe he can’t see it so well?

She then figures out the dealio with Sai and Hikaru, but is mostly a spectator for their hilarious identity shenanigans. She only really steps in to prevent Sai from fading, and can be talked into providing an alibi for Hikaru by acting as Sai’s hands in NetGo in exchange for doing embarrassing favors. 

She emphatically does not play Go. But people are really confused as to why Kuwabara’s granddaughter is hanging around an insei so at first they think she’s Sai but then they think Hikaru’s going to be Kuwabara’s apprentice…

[edit: sort of continued here. Also, now tentatively naming her Haru – Ash Night (灰夜), not Spring (春)]

[edit2: Series now called (En)Closure, follow that tag or the haru kuwabara tag for more]

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