Untitled (2015-02-17)

A dream.

Hogwarts is a castle and a castle must have its monarch. There is a room, more like a hall but not the Great Hall. This one is wide and open and contains a single piece of furniture. The Hogwarts throne.

Any major discussion takes place in the throne room, for any decision made within Hogwarts castle must have the blessing of the castle and its monarch. There has not been a monarch in over two centuries, but the idea remains.

Usually the throne room is only used at the beginning of every year–when the teachers and the headmaster decide what direction the school year will go in. But more recently it has been necessary for random events.

The vote to hide a treasure within the castle. The bending of rules to allow a first year to play Quidditch. Whether or not the school should be closed due to petrifications, for even castles have their skeletons. How to ward off Dementors and convicts. The Triwizard Tournament. And then, with the Ministry breathing down their necks, no more.

The castle has done its best to rule wisely, but it craves a monarch. A true monarch, not some trumped up advisor. Ashamedly, that is why the castle let those Death Eaters in, despite the danger they posed to its students.

A battle for the throne of Hogwarts. A battle for the monarch’s sword and scepter.

Game on.

A/N: Oh, I don’t know. The beginning of some kind of King of Hogwarts AU. The actual dream was a bit like capture the flag, but deadly, with DA versus the Death Eaters in Hogwarts. And it was pretty interesting because Hogwarts had gone all sentient and made random rooms like the Room of Requirement. It was pretty cool.

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