(In)Difference drabble (2015-02-03)

She was tired when she got home. Not in that achey way that speaks of a satisfyingly productive day, but weary and drained. It was as if all of her energy had been sucked out and she had just been left this shuffling husk of a person.

It explained why she startled so badly when the lights flickered on. It didn’t excuse her, of course, as she should have detected someone being in her living room before that. Her night vision was blown, but she could still sense the intruder. She jerked away from the door and threw the closest thing at hand.

Which was an apple. Not exactly the most fearsome of weapons, but she just went grocery shopping. The intruder, unsurprisingly not falling to the apple’s mighty wrath, simply caught it before chomping down with an obnoxiously loud crunch.

“Thanks,” Nawaki, the little punk, garbled out cheerfully. “I was getting hungry, there’s nothing edible in here!”

“Which is why I went grocery shopping.” She responded tersely, bringing herself and the remainders of her groceries to the kitchen, “I wouldn’t have had to if a certain someone didn’t keep breaking in here and eating all of my food.”

Nawaki just grinned, still munching into the apple she had thrown at him. Why anyone thought he was such a nice boy confused her, he was such a little shit. Only Tsunade understood and at least with them, it made sense–siblings loved each other, sure, but younger brothers would always be annoying. Kiyoshi, on the other hand, was not obligated in any way to put up with this.

“What are you even doing here, Omago-sama?” She asked, the honorable term sounding like an insult due to her irritation.

“Ah, don’t be like that! I heard your team got back, what with the way Nee-san was fluttering around. I just want to hang out, but I didn’t know where you’d be. I figured I’d just wait here until you got back, and it worked. Also, free food.”

Sometimes, Kiyoshi regret helping Nawaki with training and saving his life. It certainly seemed to him to be an invitation into her life. But she shook her head when she remembered how broken it would have left her friend, and Nawaki didn’t deserve to die because he was annoying.

She sighed, “So what then, Nawaki-kun?”

His grin stretched even wider than before, “I wanted to show you something! I’ve been working on it while you were away. Look!” The finished apple core in his hand began shuddering before cracking in half, bright green shoots sprouting out from the seeds. In seemingly no time at all the seedlings were the length of his arm.

“That’s amazing,” Kiyoshi breathed, finally approaching and admiring the new plants. Nawaki preened, “You’ve got Wood Release working on plants besides Hashirama trees?”

“Just trees so far, and I can’t really make them attack so much as I just boost their growth rate. But it’s cool isn’t it?” He sheepishly scratched at the nape of his neck with his free hand.

“It really is,” She confirmed, proud of him, before remembering– “No one saw you, did they?”

“No way, I know better than that!” Nawaki protested, he wasn’t putting any chakra into the technique, so the seedlings had stopped their miraculous growth; but at his irritation they seemed to wrap around his arm protectively. “You taught me better than that,”

“I didn’t really teach you… I have practically opposite chakra natures from you,” Wood Release, being a combination of Water and Earth, really was as far as one could get from her primary Lightning and secondary Wind natures.

“Well I certainly didn’t learn from anyone else,” Nawaki rolled his eyes, “And anyway, I wasn’t talking about that.”

He was probably talking about the lessons in secret-keeping, being underestimated, and, frankly, paranoia. Besides the two of them, the only other person who knew about his Wood Release abilities was Mito-sama and she certainly wasn’t going to endanger her grandson by letting anyone else know. While Konoha would have celebrated the Senju bloodline limit resurfacing, that tiny boost in moral wasn’t worth the danger it would put Nawaki in. And while she was pretty sure Orochimaru wouldn’t do anything sketchy, her hatred of Danzo only increased after actually meeting him in person.

She sighed again, something she often found herself doing around both of the Senju siblings, but especially Nawaki. “While I appreciate you showing me your progress, I really am tired. I was just going to go straight to sleep,”

“Aw, fine.” He grumbled, but acquiesced, “I’ll see you tomorrow anyway,”

“What’s happening tomorrow?” She asked, confused. She should have at least three days free time after that last mission. Not that she would be assigned a mission with Nawaki, anyway, being different teams and ranks entirely.

“Oh, yeah. Well, Obaa-san told me to tell you to come over for lunch tomorrow. She said something about Nae-chan needing help? I don’t know. Anyway, see you tomorrow!” He greeted before taking a shortcut out her living room window. That idiot really had to stop deactivating her traps all the time, though she was probably the idiot for telling him how to.

But… Nae-chan needed help? She didn’t know… she couldn’t be a Nae-chan anymore, so maybe it was something like back up? But wouldn’t it make more sense to just have it be an official mission?

Ugh, she was too tired to deal with this. Mito-sama would tell her tomorrow. Now was time to rest.


A/N: Yes, we are back to the semi SI!OC!Naruto fanfic (In)Difference. And yes, one of the major changes Kiyoshi makes is to save Nawaki’s life. Also, surprise, he has Wood Release!

I like to think he’s not as Naruto-oblivious-optimistic as Tsunade remembers him in her understandably grief/nostalgia fogging memories. As grandson of the first Hokage he was probably spoiled as shit. And he’s a younger brother so, there’s that.

Again, not too keen on the ending, but I didn’t really know what else to do with it.

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