Word Prompts (S35): Sharp

It’s the ticking that really bugs him. The constant, steady ticking of the hallway clock.

He doesn’t mind waiting for hours or filling out redundant paperwork or even the way the nurses recognize him on sight and shoot him sympathetic smiles. But that damned ticking hallway clock…

To be honest, it’s probably not even audible. He sits on the opposite side of the waiting room from it, and there are always other people with their own chattering drama going on. He doesn’t actually hear it, but he sees it. And that’s enough to make him imagine the ticking. 

Maybe it’s not the ticking of the hallway clock. Maybe the hallway clock doesn’t even tick. Maybe it’s the sound of footsteps crunching leaves, splashing through puddles, kicking through sand and snow. Maybe it’s the sound of squealing laughter, hitching sobs, tearing growls. The steady beep of a heart monitor. 

Tick. Tock. Tricks and Clocks.

“He’s ready to see you now,” Nurse Mendez gestures to him, and he finally gets up from the chair. Finally looks away from the clock. But he can still hear it.

“Thank you,” He murmurs, but his mind is already beyond manners, he doesn’t hear the response. Just the constant ticking.

Room 26 isn’t really a private room, but there is no one else in the second bed today. So it is just the two of them. He sits down in the chair next to the occupied bed. That’s all he ever does here. Sit and wait.

Sometimes he can get a conversation, if he’s patient and kind and lucky. Sometimes, even when he is, he only gets silence. He likes to err on the side of caution, he’d prefer to be disappointed than to not even try.

“Today was kind of strange,” He offers, because he’d rather his own voice than the beeping/ticking/silence, “I kept getting irritated, and while I was living it I thought it was terrible. But I achieved everything I set out to do, even if it took me longer than I wanted. So I realize now that today was actually a pretty good day,”

Today he gets a glance in his direction, and the upturned open palm waiting for his hand. He’s careful not to grab too tightly, careful not to stare at the bandages wrapped around his boyfriend’s wrists.

“Yeah, today was pretty good,”


A/N: I dunno… 

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